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StyccoBond F49


Styccobond F49 Hybrid PS – Pressure Sensitive Vinyl Adhesive STYCCOBOND F49 HYBRID PS is a temperature tolerant, water-based pressure sensitive adhesive for bonding vinyl floorcoverings. It is designed for use in conservatories, areas where floor to ceiling windows are installed… Watch video

Stycco Flex

93_Stycco Flex

Stycco Flex – Rapid Curing Flexible Adhesive - A rapid curing flexible adhesive with excellent gap filling properties that is suitable for bonding a wide range of construction and building materials to most surfaces in both internal and external environments. STYCCO-FLEX… Watch video

Stopgap F78

F78 Pack

Stopgap F78 – High Performance Waterproof Surface Membrane – Two Coat ( One Component ) Application System. STOPGAP F78 is a solvent free, ready to use system which dries rapidly to provide a waterproof surface membrane. STOPGAP F78 impedes the… Watch video