StyccoBond F49

Styccobond F49 Hybrid PS – Pressure Sensitive Vinyl Adhesive
STYCCOBOND F49 HYBRID PS is a temperature tolerant, water-based pressure sensitive adhesive for bonding vinyl floorcoverings. It is designed for use in conservatories, areas where floor to ceiling windows are installed and other areas where floorcoverings have to be tolerant of extreme temperature variations. It gives a strong initial tack and high bond strength.
The mixing of the two unique components maximises the high strength of the adhesive and makes it suitable for use in service conditions where temperatures can fluctuate between -20C and +60C, in accordance with floorcovering manufacturers’ recommendations. It is protected against bio-degradation and is suitable for use over normal underfloor heating systems.
• Temperature tolerant: use in ambient temperatures -20C to +60C
•   Very high tack
• Fast build up of bond strength
• Long open time
• Long pot life
• Water resistant – suitable for wet room
• Easy to apply